Anti-Spam Policy

We abide by a zero-tolerance spam policy and take strict measures to enforce it, including, but no limited to, automatically screening and reviewing all contact databases imported by our clients as well as all messages sent by our clients to these databases. At our sole discretion, any client account suspected to be transmitting or otherwise connected with spam will be immediately suspended, with no entitlement to any refund, and appropriate civil, criminal or administrative action will be taken against the client and those assisting the client.

Fighting spam

On sign-up
By accepting this Anti-Spam Policy, our clients agree that their contact acquisition method requires the contact to provide their prior express consent (opt-in) and that it clearly states the reason for collecting the contact's information, as well as the type of communications the contact will receive after signing up.
On removal
Our clients agree that every message sent contains both an unsubscribe link (allowing contacts to immediately and automatically opt-out from the client's contact database) and the client’s own contact information, such as a contact number or postal address (allowing contacts to request to be manually removed).

How do we define spam?

We define spam as messages:
- Sent to any contact databases without the knowledge and prior consent of the contacts included therein to receive those messages.
- Sent to contacts in a database who have requested to be removed from that database.
- That do not have a valid, verifiable sender identification.
- Containing any false or misleading information or promoting racist, discriminating, illegal or fraudulent activity in the message header, subject line or body.

What type of communications do we allow?

Our clients can send messages only to contacts who have previously opted in to receive those messages, who have been clearly informed about the type of information they will receive (and how often) prior to opting in and who are able to opt out at any time from receiving those messages.

Anti-spam organisations

ordb spamhaus dsbl spamcop